• Why do taxpayers have to pay?
    July 08,2014
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    Over the past week there has been a big to-do involving the town manager of Castleton and the incident that occurred with his vehicle. The newspaper reported that he ran his vehicle out of gas and left it on someone’s lawn, left it overnight and it got towed away.

    The town manager claims that the Police Department is responsible for having the vehicle towed and says the Police Department will pay for that tow. The Police Department denied that happened and said they had nothing to do with his vehicle being towed. After getting his vehicle back, he now is claiming there is damage to his vehicle and wants that paid for, too. How can he prove that? Because he said so?

    Apparently, the issue was brought before the town board members meeting for payment. The town board actually approved his issue and we (taxpayers of Castleton) will be or have paid for the tow and damage. Huh?

    So he ran out of gas, left his car on someone’s property and it got towed. Now, the residents are to pay for it. This story makes no sense to me. Why would he just leave his car and not go back for it? How did the police get involved? How did this incident become the town board’s issue to decide and approve payment and we (the taxpayers) are responsible for his actions? Something stinks.

    Everyone should be concerned about this issue. I believe an explanation is needed to all the taxpayers of Castleton who want to attend a public townwide meeting to address this issue. I for one need an acceptable explanation to justify my tax dollars going to pay a bill for the town manager running his car out of gas and whatever happened to it thereafter.


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