• A true picture of Rice’s record
    June 26,2014
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    Perhaps the cadets at Norwich University do not know that Condoleezza Rice, who evidently portrayed herself with no apparent sense of irony or shame as the advocate of exporting American democratic ideals, represents the administration ushered into office by a vote, not of the populace, but of a partisan Supreme Court not ashamed to disenfranchise thousands of Florida voters; the administration that went beyond the “intimidation” she criticizes Putin for to wage an illegal war on Iraq based on lies, that rained down on the civilians of Baghdad a sickening terrorist campaign — candidly called by the administration “shock and awe,” that used and then publicly defended the use of torture, that made an ever-widening war on Afghanistan, that in waging these wars of choice bled the U.S. economy into colossal debt while the wars were “off budget,” insisting at the same time on tax breaks for the wealthy, reducing money for social and environmental programs and doing nothing to monitor the recklessness of Wall Street. Volumes have been written about the outrages of the Bush administration of which Secretary Rice was an integral part. Her protestations of democratic idealism are, to quote my late husband, Jeff, who liked the use of understatement, poppycock.


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