• Stop political war nonsense
    June 11,2014
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    As a veteran my view in regards to Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is this. If the evidence shows he deserted, then try him for it and let him take the punishment. Be happy for his family, because he is out of the hands of the Taliban. Let us stop this Republican-Democrat-liberal-conservative nonsense.

    Congress deserted this country a long time ago. They keep getting re-elected. Bush and Cheney lied about WMD and got over 5,000 Americans killed and over 40,000 wounded. Where is the indignation and public outcry? Two guys who escaped Vietnam, one because of Daddy and one because of deferments, send thousands of men and women to their deaths, but because they’re politicians, it’s honorable, even patriotic.

    As a veteran, all of this disgusts me. Especially when so many who weigh in on it have never, unlike Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, even worn a uniform.

    Sadly, most Americans seem to have allowed Washington and the media to convince them that anyone who wears an American uniform is a hero. Sorry to burst this bit of propaganda, but not all of us who wore the uniform or wear the uniform today are heroes, nor do we wish to be thought of in that manner. That is a little to much for anyone to carry.

    Fear is a human trait, and we have all felt it and will likely feel it again; some deal with that fear better than others. Perhaps a reading of the “Red Badge of Courage” is in order for all Americans.


    Fair Haven
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