• Postal food drive is coming up
    May 07,2014
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    For 34 years I have been a proud letter carrier with the United States Postal Service. A professional letter carrier becomes a part of the neighborhoods that they serve. People accept you walking up to their front door, and in many cases you are part of their family’s daily life. The 10 years that I walked delivering mail in downtown Rutland, I felt that I was a small part of those businesses.

    In balancing the good and the bad that comes with any profession, I have to say the good feelings I have regarding my career as a letter carrier far outweigh the bad.

    Here in the sunset of my career, I look back at one of the most satisfying parts of representing the Postal Service has been being able to take part in the National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive, a nationwide event which started on a small scale in 1993. In April of 1994, I asked Paul Bove, the president of the Rutland NALC Branch 495 for his support in getting Rutland to participate in the food drive. With the help of Laura Vien who was head of the local United Way, we became part of the largest one-day food drive in the country. Over these years letter carriers in Rutland have collected over half a million pounds of food to benefit families in Rutland, and many more thousands of pounds have been collected throughout Rutland County. Two years ago we reached 1 billion pounds of food collected nationwide since 1993.

    Many of you will get a bag delivered with your mail this week, paid for by sponsors of the National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive. This bag is meant to make it easier for you to participate in this one-day event this Saturday, May 10. If you get one of these bags, please consider putting a nonperishable item in the bag to place near your mail box. This is a chance for you to help some of our neighbors, many of whom are children, to access food when found to be in unfortunate circumstances. Help us make this year the largest collection of food in history.


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