• Time to shake up Education Agency
    April 15,2014
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    The comment in the op-ed of Sunday, April 6, regarding the 4 cent increase in statewide property tax passed by the House — “is not a giant increase” — certainly caught my attention.

    If this was the only increase in the last few years that would be one thing, but last year we saw 5 cents, this year 4 cents, next year’s estimate is 5 cents or more. The cumulative effect is costing Vermonters, especially in gold towns, a lot of money. This is partly the reason so many budgets have gone down. The Herald’s tunnel vision in this area is not going to cut it. Taxpayers know how to read their bills, and they are beginning to catch on to the fact that some serious revision needs to take place, and it has to start at the top, at the Agency of Education. Once that is done, we can expect reasonable reform. It is unreasonable to expect that every level is to be changed except for the bureaucratic monstrosity at the top, taxpayers will not buy this concept, nor should they.

    There are movers and shakers in this area that are committed to getting this agency turned around, and there are those that are standing in the way of any change at all. The voters will figure it out in due course. Once that is done and some new faces occupy the State House, progress will happen. In the meantime, we will just keep paying.


    Center Rutland
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