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    April 13,2014
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    Dear Friend,

    You stop me on the street, at the produce aisle, in the locker room, on the church steps. You tell me that you like something I wrote, offer criticism, make a suggestion or tell a story. Often we had not met in person before; we connect through a newspaper, the Rutland Herald and Times Argus, a paper that embodies and supports all that is local. Fragile as it may be, our mutual interests bring us together in a type of community.

    Our relationship is quintessential Vermont. Just as towns are grounded by a village green, so too, similar experiences, goals, challenges and values unite us. That which drives passion and fuels motivation organizes us into kaleidoscopic groups of individuals who are at first acquaintances and grow to become friends.

    “Active Vermont,” my column for more than 5 years has shifted and grown into the page you are now reading. If it weren’t for mutual commonalities, I wouldn’t be writing these words and you wouldn’t be reading them. Bonded by the responsibilities and opportunities of this state which provides an environment in which to thrive, protected and nurtured by individual stewardship, our community is but one of many and is a chosen one.

    The privilege of life in Vermont is that mentally, physically and emotionally the larger community is active, thus “Active Vermont.” My hope is that this new format will enable us to move a step forward, to become interactive.

    It is about our neighbors, the little stories, the people and places that make us who we are. It is about participants and observers, athletes and supporters. It is a conversation, an exchange between companions, a dialogue. It is for those who do and those who dream. It is about a journey, one that is taken in community. Each story is a possibility.

    I look forward to the weeks and months ahead. I travel these pages with editors, photographers and readers who live outside the narrow confines of daily duties, who cultivate enthusiasm and dare to press beyond perceived boundaries.

    I am humbled by what I hear and see and am honored to share with you. Life is indeed a journey. Thank you for walking with me.

    Linda Freeman


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