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    March 07,2014
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    I would like to thank the folks that attended the get-together last week for the 2-year-old girl that lost her life. There is one area that I have a problem with. That would be placing the blame on the child protective agency.

    We need to stop and remember that when a child is taken from their parents, they are placed in foster care. I am sure that is not cheap. This state does not have the money. The blame should be placed on the people of the state. We put people in office that like money. And they want that money. We need to cut back on our state government.

    I am sure they make more than any voter. I know there are a lot of great foster care people out there that would care for a child at no cost. The problem is they pay taxes also. Let us vote for people who do not worship the dollar. We need to focus on life. And that life means human and animal.


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