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    December 03,2013
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    Here we are once again in the holiday season, and it really pains us to see that it is all about shopping. Big corporations who make obscene profits make their employees work on Thanksgiving. Many of these same workers can’t even afford to have a Thanksgiving meal of their own so one Walmart store held a food drive for their employees to give to other employees. And because these corporations pay their employees so little, many of them need public assistance which costs every taxpayer money. And many of the goods these big box stores sell are made in China which takes good manufacturing jobs away from Americans, many of whom are forced to work for these corporations which barely pay minimum wage.

    Not only do people rush to these stores for so-called bargains, they feed into the commercialism of the holidays. It also teaches the next generation that materialism is OK. We tell our family not to buy us anything, but we enjoy photos or homemade gifts. We have seven grandchildren who we do get gifts for, but our gifts are to support them in lessons for activities they are interested in. We do get them a little something for under the tree that they can open, but our gifts are usually maybe a book or two or something that is made in the U.S. and especially Vermont-made products.

    We are just saddened that corporations have turned the holiday season into a shopping frenzy and the general public goes along with it. All of this in the name of greed.

    CHARLES and


    Fair Haven
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