• Be careful what you wish for
    November 30,2013
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    On election night 2012, Fox News kept saying, ďItís a close race, itís a close race.Ē But it wasnít. By the time California and the late results came in (which tend to be more urban and Democrat ó the larger cities take longer to count) Barack Obama received an electoral landslide and 4.5 million more votes than Romney.

    The Republicans thought they could buy the U.S. House, Senate and governorsí seats with millions of dollars after the Citizens United decision.

    Iíd like to say to all the Republicans who effectively fought to eliminate any meaningful campaign finance reform, be careful what you wish for.

    The latest trend is that Democrats have been outraising and outspending Republicans by vast margins. Since the Democrats have a larger base than the Republicans (38 percent vs. 32 percent), I expect this trend to continue.

    I can guarantee you after a couple more election cycles of being outraised and outspent financially, these same Republicans will have a complete 100 percent reversal of thinking regarding the Citizens United decision. They will be screaming bloody murder about the Democratsí financial advantage. I wonder who will scream first?

    Ken Cuccinelli perhaps?


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