• New road in Rutland Town could alleviate Route 7 traffic
    By Courtney Parker
    STAFF WRITER | October 21,2013
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    Rutland Town officials are looking into options to locate a new town road near the recently opened Aldi discount supermarket chain store.

    The goal of the project — still in its infancy — is to alleviate congestion off Route 7.

    “It’s still just a concept at this point.” said Town Road Commissioner Byron Hathaway. But, he added, he sees the benefits of the new road and believes the additional traffic could work to the advantage of side road businesses.

    One of the route options discussed was connecting Farrell Road to the Cold River Road traffic light, with an intersection into Randbury Road.

    According to Town Administrator Joe Zingale, there are still many steps that would need to be taken before the road could become a reality, including various traffic studies, grant applications and board approval.

    Select Board member Don Chioffi said he is in favor of the new road. Chioffi said it is the responsibility of the town to do their part to take pressure and traffic off Route 7. He said he views the Farrell Road extension as a way to provide additional driving routes, as well as attract patrons to local businesses.

    “My view is that it is a positive step for the town and town businesses,” he said. “We have a responsibility to provide for those people in our commercial base.”

    Chioffi added that in previous discussions, fellow board members have supported similar infrastructure improvements, and this project is no different.

    Currently no action has been taken by the board, but several discussions on the road have taken place.

    “These things don’t just happen overnight,” Chioffi said. “When it does come to the board, my vote will be for it.”
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