• City to put money data online
    THE ASSOCIATED PRESS | October 09,2013
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    BURLINGTON — The city of Burlington is planning a nine-month trial project that will put financial information and other data online, which should allow the city to better allocate resources and make smarter decisions, said Mayor Miro Weinberger.

    The trial contract is being set up with $5,000 in special project funds from the city and a $4,000 grant from Microsoft.

    The city signed a contract for the project last week. Weinberger said he expected that it would take a couple of months to get the website up and running.

    “Organizations that really understand their data, that are analytical, are far better able to allocate resources and make smart decisions,” Weinberger said. “This is something that goes back, for me, to being a huge baseball fan growing up. ... I grew up reading `The Bill James Baseball Abstracts,’ and (was) just very moved by the power of statistical analysis and data. And that has carried into my interest in government.”

    Weinberger said the first information to be made available would probably be the budget, crime statistics and public works information.

    The city has released that information in the past, but Weinberger said the new software would make the process easier.
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