• ‘Forget About It’ man
    September 30,2013
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    Obama ignoring

    progressive past

    Those pathetic folks who are still clinging by their fingernails to the hope that President Obama will change his thinking by returning to his constitutional law professor/community organizer ethos, and who excuse his nasty, reactionary turn of mind by claiming that it’s the obstructionist Republicans who are blocking his agenda, have intentionally ignored what is common knowledge: Obama could put in place more progressive programs with a stroke of his pen, by executive order.

    The most obvious example, which has haunted the White House since the day Obama moved into the Oval Office, is the broken promise to close that hell-hole of torture and injustice, Guantanamo! Another important instance is the minimum wage for over two million workers of companies doing business with the federal government, who earn $8.25 an hour, or what can be termed “starvation wages.”

    Obama has delayed and delayed signing an executive order requiring those federal contractors to pay a living wage. The “Yes We Can” man has become the “Forget About It!” man. And then there are the criminal, murderous drone attacks ...


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