• Gesture of kindness a good reminder
    September 13,2013
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    It is Thursday morning, the morning after a pretty severe thunderstorm came through our area. I saw the most touching act of kindness that I feel I must share with others. As I was on my way into work this morning I noticed the cars infront of me swerving to avoid a car that had pulled off to the side of the road. As I drove by, a man dressed in a shirt and tie had gotten out of his car and was walking over to a large tree full of branches which had fallen across the sidewalk. A blind man, who I often see walking on Allen Street, had gotten tangled up in the tree and was obviously in need of assistance. That kind man had gotten out of his car and was walking over to help the blind man. I do not know how many people drove by and just continued going, too busy to stop or to consumed in their own life to lend a helping hand. But I do know that there was one man who did stop, who did take the time to help and who restored my faith in humanity. I do not know the kind man who stopped to help, but I thank him. I thank him for helping someone in need, and I thank him for inspiring me to slow my life down and to be a better person. I hope that by sharing this story it will inspire others to do the same.


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