• Deer in cage is a sad sight
    September 13,2013
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    To the caged deer at the Rutland fair:

    I do not understand why they put you in a small cage in a section called “pets.” You and I both know you are not domesticated.

    I know because I see it in your sad eyes peering at me from the corner of this cage, the corner that you huddle in as you are unnaturally approached by person after person after person. You know because you have no way of understanding why you have been caged and watched. I hesitate to tell you what I believe will be the outcome at the end of fair season.

    I am writing to apologize as a bystander. There are so many atrocities occurring in the world that we can only observe from a distance. So many of us are left helpless to understand what we can do about the traumatized and children we read about.

    You are not Syria, but it saddens me that even when the answer is so small and even when we can see the terror in your eyes and we have every ability to relieve you of the unnatural damage we have done, we don’t. You are a wild animal that has been put in a cage, not to die immediately (as you know occurs in the wild), or some version of the food chain that occurs in hunting, but to be ogled at for 10 seconds of amusement. There is no good reason for you to be in a cage, going from fair to fair, huddled in your corner with no place to hide. I am sorry I did not do more. Perhaps this letter may reach someone who could.


    Boston, Mass.
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