• GMP may not be so altruistic
    September 11,2013
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    Let’s not be so fast to anoint Green Mountain Power and its president, Mary Powell, as “saviors of Rutland.” Remember how bitterly they fought to wriggle out of the 2001 promise to the state to refund $21 million dollars to ratepayers? Yet the Herald somehow overlooked this in praising GMP’s “record for keeping or exceeding its promises” in its Aug. 23 editorial gushing praise over GMP’s plans to make Rutland “a solar city.”

    The last I checked, my GMP bill was going up, not down. There is also a two-year rate increase just proposed, which has been submitted to the Public Service Board for review. Only in the world of corporate utility doublespeak could this rate increase be defended as a “cost savings to our consumers,” as Ms. Powell and other GMP spokesmen have brazenly boasted.

    At the next GMP press conference, somebody from the press ought to ask Ms. Powell her annual salary plus benefits, as well as the value of her GMP stock options. This would certainly be of interest to our low-income neighbors who have trouble paying their electric bills.

    While GMP seems to be doing some nice things for Rutland, it must not be forgotten that corporations, particularly utilities, act primarily for the benefit of its shareholders, and then the general public. A community should rely on its leaders, its people and its resources to build up its “psyche,” as the Herald put it, and not instead rely upon some private corporation whose existence is based upon the proverbial bottom line.


    Manchester Center
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