• Not the world’s policemen
    September 11,2013
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    To Sens. Patrick Leahy and Bernard Sanders and Rep. Peter Welch:

    Please oppose another United States unilateral involvement in a foreign war. If Syrian atrocities are to be stopped, then the United Nations must lead the way with overwhelming international support.

    Must we meddle in another Muslim country’s civil war? It is no wonder that the Muslim world looks upon us as the enemy crusader.

    After all the blood and money spent in Afghanistan and Iraq, it is hard to see a positive future for those countries. What makes us think that deposing one brutal regime in Syria will lead to a lasting and better future for the Syrian people?

    Why do we feel that our national honor and credibility are at stake because President Obama made an ill-considered statement about a line in the sand?

    In President Obama trying to restore the constitutional power of the Congress to declare war? Does he want the political cover that Congress could give him by voting not to declare war on the Syrian government?

    Much of the rest of the world regards U.S. society as gun happy cowboys and that our foreign policy follows in the same vein. Do you have any doubt that the international community would not award us the arbitrary power of world policeman?


    Middletown Springs
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