• Reconsider Syria options
    September 09,2013
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    Syria options

    My daughters’ kindergarten teacher said it best. When confronted with a bullying situation: “Don’t hit.” “Use your words, instead.” “And tell an adult.” I can tell you that the “adult” solution was never to overpower the bully and hold them down so the offended person could hit back.

    Many politicians, commentators and militarists are saying we can’t sit back and do nothing; we have to “bomb Assad.” First — we are not bombing Assad, we are bombing people. Second — the either/or approach is a fallacy and a failure of the imagination to consider other possibilities.

    Our government needs to use good old American ingenuity to discover creative strategies other than bombs. We will never stop the cycle of violence if we answer violence with more violence ourselves. There are many possibilities other than bombing or doing nothing.

    One politician said, “If you make a threat, you have to follow through.” No, you don’t! If the threat was wrong-headed, as threats usually are, you can use your better judgment and reconsider your options. That is not “weak”— it is prudent. Where are the adults?


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