• Aid, not bombs for Syrians
    September 09,2013
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    Aid, not bombs

    for Syrians

    Why is it that the people in charge of this Syrian attack proposal here in the U.S.A. just donít get it?

    Itís not about ďtaking out the chemical weapons or sending a message to Bashar al-Assad and his thugs.Ē Itís really about America causing collateral damage and the killing and maiming of innocent civilians on the ground in Syria by trying to ďtake outĒ the chemical weapons. Havenít these poor people been through enough already? With daily torture and murder sessions from the Pro-Assad thugs, being gassed, bombed and machine-gunned to death, these people need our help, not our damned bombs. Humanitarian help in the form of the Red Cross and others on the ground to provide medical and other care and to provide food, clothing and shelter is what they need. We just never seem to learn this when we get all crazy for war somewhere.

    Itís their country, not ours. If the innocent civilians want and need help, then OK, we can do that. Other then that, forget it, go to the United Nations for military intervention. Learn from past mistakes in Vietnam and elsewhere and go with the humanitarian help only.


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