• American Idealism and the Coup in Egypt
    August 18,2013
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    American idealism and Egypt

    It is important to notice the reactions from our government and our moral standing on the current Egyptian turmoil. Also, unfortunately, this turbulence seems to be dragged on indefinitely since the people’s democratic principle has been challenged. Our government might deal with this current event by providing unequivocal support for the democratically elected government and establishing our own principles for our own future generation and culture.

    Our politicians chose ambiguity on a military coup against a not-so-friendly regime. Egypt had adopted a gigantic leap in the democratic process in its modern history by removing the dictatorship and establishing an elected government a year ago. Our president chose not to use the term “coup” for pragmatic reasons, and he further expressed his wish for “a civilian government.”

    First, the new government has been in place for only one year, which is too soon to be demonized. It deserves unequivocal support from the international community who respect the democratic principle.

    The statement from the president is in vain, since there is no expression of concern on democratic principle in Egypt but only short-sighted concern for geopolitical volatility. He called the obvious coup a “military action restoring democracy.” This view is very dangerous for establishing a positive relationship with Middle East in the long run and disrespects our own democratic principle.

    Support for Morsi’s government may be a surprise and might even be accepted with skepticism in the beginning. However, this support, based on American idealism and leadership for the international community will be the quickest and most fundamental resolution for the current Egyptian turmoil, and contribute to the fundamental Middle East peace.


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