• Music is crucial to education
    August 17,2013
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    I feel that music education is an underappreciated part of today’s society. It has been one of the major subjects since the times of ancient Greece. Music education is much more important than most people make it out to be. It is the most universal subject there is. It is even more universal then history or even math. It is even called the universal language.

    I feel that many people these days feel that it is nothing but a hobby. Most people I talk to feel that music is not a true connection to reality. This is not so. Music is the connection between our left and right halves of our brain. It teaches us how to think both logically and intuitively to solve our problems. It also teaches us how to perceive things at an analytical and a creative standpoint. One could argue that by studying math and the visual arts you have the same result, but this is not true. In music you have to use both at the same time and learn how to do so efficiently. This causes a greater connection between both sides of the brain. With this connection you are able to study subjects at a different point of view.

    Statistics show that people who study music do better in school than those who do not. You can think of subjects in both a factual and an emotional point of view which can help you understand what it is about while also being inspired to go beyond what is asked.

    Most importantly it makes you more well rounded. Too many people today are living life with a one-track mindset, finding other subjects either worthless or outdated. I feel if our society teaches youth to go into school with an open mind and not just to be the top science student or the best athlete, then our nation will become a society that loves knowledge and emotion and not just money and superiority. And that is why music education should have more appreciation, for it is the universal language which has been one of the main parts of life since before there was written word.


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