• ‘Slightly higher’ is not so slight
    July 26,2013
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    As a taxpayer in the city of Rutland, one can only imagine how pleasant it was to read in the Herald on July 17 that the Board of Aldermen recently approved a “slightly higher rate” of 4.6 percent increase in the municipal tax rate.

    Just think what we taxpayers could all afford if the banks and other financial institutions increased their interest rates on our savings accounts, checking accounts and other holdings “slightly higher” by 4.6 percent. Wow, wouldn’t that be great?

    With those “slightly higher” interest rates, we could all afford the new municipal tax rates. But the reality of it all is that those of us who have mortgages to pay, a “slightly higher” 4.6 percent increase in the tax rate would probably bring about a tax sale on our properties.

    And consider what would happen if our college-bound children were suddenly faced with a “slightly higher” 4.6 percent increase on top of the federal government doubling the current rate on student loans.

    If a 4.6 percent increase is considered a “slightly higher tax rate” by our Board of Aldermen, maybe they should consider closing our local landfill with all the additional taxes they are imposing upon us citizens and using these increased funds to advertise the newly established “junk yard” that used to be our Main Street Park.


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