• Years of service deserve praise
    July 15,2013
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    Years of service

    deserve praise

    It is incomprehensible that Mr. Pulcer would compare the work done by Mr. Terenzini for 30 some years to that of ďourĒ Sen. Leahy. In case Mr. Pulcer doesnít realize, Tom Terenzini was dealing face to face on a daily basis with the thugs, misfits and other criminals that the state system has chosen to put where they are.

    Mr. Leahy and, yes, Sanders and Welch are part of an organization, supposedly working for our best interests, that has an approval rating that doesnít even make the double-digit level. Isnít that something to be proud of? If Mr. Terenziniís approval rating by his employer was at that level, we all know that his tenure would have been much less than 30 years. Thanks go to people every hour of every day who put themselves in positions of danger and unpredictable actions by many of the people that those such as Mr. Terenzini are required to face by virtue of the job they were hired to do. There isnít enough money anywhere to get me to do that type of work. Instead of being chastised, as Mr. Pulcer has done, I want to publicly thank Mr. Terenzini and all others who deal with these failures of our society on a daily basis.

    As for the politicians in Washington, I never have been a promoter of a term limit law, until lately. It canít come fast enough to suit me.


    Center Rutland
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