• Peacekeepign is police’s work
    July 12,2013
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    My friend Brent Curtis wrote a very interesting article about our new police chief, James Baker, and his agenda for cleaning up our neighborhoods. Bravo to Chief Baker and his insight into the human condition and the possibilities that each person can make a difference. He gives credence to the term “peace officer,” a term I grew up with and have always regarded police officers as being. In an ideal society, we would have only a need for peace officers to keep the peace and be there in times of need, a la Dick Tracy.

    My father liked Dick Tracy so much as a child that he pursued a career in law enforcement. He had a theory about all children being inherently good and had the ability to “walk in others’ shoes” and relate to people the world over. He was a true international peace officer, and I was very proud of him. Hence, I have an inherited respect and admiration for citizens who believe in peacekeeping as a philosophy and as an ideal that can be attained.


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