• Frustrated with both parties
    July 12,2013
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    I read Rep. Terenzini’s rebuttal letter to the June 29 article, “Leahy: Many hurdles are still ahead.” I am an independent voter who is frustrated with the scandals of both major political parties. I voted a split ticket in 2012.

    Mr. Terenzini began his letter with, “The senior senator from Vermont who has been sucking on the ‘federal teat’ of government since 1974-1975.” I take it that Rep. Terenzini meant Sen. Leahy receives salary plus benefits, including health care, on the taxpayer dime, for representing all Vermonters in the U.S. Senate for 38 years. Mr. Terenzini served for 30-plus years as a Vermont state employee in the Department of Corrections, and also received taxpayer-funded salary plus health care insurance. In case you’re wondering, the Tea Party doesn’t care much for government workers and unions.

    I’ve read Jesse Ventura’s book, “DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs in Government,” which compares the Democrats and Republicans to “gang warfare.” Imagine living in a gang-infested neighborhood in Chicago or Los Angeles. While the gangs fight each other, they have little regard for others in the “hood.” The American people are fast becoming collateral damage.

    The political turf is controlled by just two gangs. Mr. Terenzini joined one gang and Sen. Leahy joined the other. But it really should be about the American people and Vermonters winning, not just the party members.

    Mr. Terenzini’s made references to “your president” and “your party.” What about “our President.” “our Senator” and “our Town Representative?” I did not vote for Mr. Terenzini, who ran unopposed. But I still consider him “my Representative.”

    While Rep. Terenzini is thankful for the Tea Party, I am thankful that our ballots allow us to “write-in” names, if we are not satisfied with the choices presented by the Two Gangs. I don’t watch Batman movies, but I do watch C-SPAN. I’m also thankful for the Vermont Legislature website, leg.state.vt.us, which helps citizens keep tabs on what our legislators are doing on our behalf.


    Rutland Town
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