• Nation of laws, not of men
    July 05,2013
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    Charles Laramie’s most recent letter to the editor (printed Monday, July 1) on Edward Snowden warns of “self-censorship” and urges that Snowden “must not be charged.”

    As we all know by now, Mr. Snowden has in fact been charged. Mr. Snowden has the opportunity to argue that the laws in question are unconstitutional or have been unconstitutionally interpreted or applied.

    Mr. Laramie invokes “the rights of American citizens guaranteed to us under the Constitution.” As an acquaintance chided me recently, when I said the Constitution was an “imperfect” document (as all compromises are), he said, “It is what we have.”

    Which brings to mind the story of a slightly tipsy matron attending a bar convention dinner who exclaimed as she walked into the elevator after a long-winded address: “Thank God, we are a nation of laws and not of men.”


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