• Great lesson at Gettysburg
    July 04,2013
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    My name is Andrew Cassarino, and I will be a senior at Rutland High School this upcoming fall. While reading the Rutland Herald online, I noticed a title of an editorial; it read “At Gettysburg.” Just recently, last Wednesday, I went to Gettysburg along with my history teacher, Mr. John Peterson, to partake in the annual Gettysburg battle re-enactment.

    Over 8,000 other re-enactors took up arms either with the Union or the Confederate armies, about 12 of which portrayed the Green Mountain Boys, including myself. Being a history geek, this was an incredible experience filled with spectacular memories. What I found so incredible about the whole event was the number of people who cared so much about American history that they were willing to wear heavy wool uniforms and march and battle for hours under the hot sun of Gettysburg.

    The devotion and vast knowledge shown by everyone, especially the members of the 2nd Vermont Champlain Valley Historical Re-enactors was unbelievable. The members of the 2nd Vermont re-enacting group were not only educated on the history of the 2nd Vermont Brigade, but they were also kind and very welcoming people to a newbie to the hobby of re-enacting like me.

    For the enjoyment and incredible experiences I had at Gettysburg, I must say thank you to the incredible teachers at Rutland High School. The teachers at the school show dedication to their students and make learning fun for everyone. I must pay a special thank-you to my history teacher, Mr. John Peterson, known to many re-enactors as Saul Goode, the friendly sutler. He is a fantastic teacher, who has the ability to bring history to life and teach all his students the “human” part of our American history.

    Any student should consider him- or herself very lucky to have him as a teacher. I can never thank him or the other fantastic teachers at Rutland High School enough for everything they do for me and all of the other students.


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