• Poor memory of library board
    July 02,2013
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    At a June 25 meeting of the Rockingham Free Public Library’s board of trustees, an allegation was made by some trustees that library Director Celina Houlne had, last year, improperly and without board approval made changes to the library’s personnel policy by granting pro-rated benefits to part-time staff.

    In fact, in January 2012 the director proposed to the library’s personnel policy committee a new leave policy granting two days of pro-rated personal leave per year to all staff. This proposal was made in order to reflect usual library practices and to keep the Rockingham library competitive with other libraries.

    Four current members of the library’s board of trustees were present at that meeting. The proposal to approve two days of pro-rated personal leave per year passed unanimously.

    At a subsequent trustees meeting on June 14, 2012, the board approved pro-rated sick leave for all staff. Five current trustees were present at that meeting.

    It is alarming that the trustees appear to have no recollection of those votes and that they take no ownership of their individual and collective actions, falsely accusing the librarian of misconduct.

    We invite the trustees to explain their vote of June 24 to “freeze” the part-time staff’s pro-rated benefits re: sick time and personal leave while the matter is further considered by several committees and then the complete board. We also hope they will apologize for publicly charging the director with inappropriate action when indeed none occurred.

    ELAYNE and


    Saxtons River
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