• People should support Snowden
    July 01,2013
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    People should

    support Snowden

    The American people must offer Edward Snowden asylum. He stepped up for us and now we must step up for him. Tell your representatives that Snowden must not be charged. He exposed programs that were illegal and violated the rights of American citizens guaranteed to us under the Constitution. He is not the criminal here.

    If the American people allow this to happen, they will bring shame on themselves. That shame will be passed on to generations to come. Have we become a people so easily terrified that we will not come to the aid of a man who has shown a great deal of courage and integrity at the risk of his own personal freedom?

    Do we have so much trust in our own government that we will reject out of hand it might act illegally and in secret in a way that harms us? I know I donít have that kind of trust. I suspect many other Americans donít either.

    Has the revelation that the government is monitoring our posts, emails, tweets, already caused us to subconsciously self-censor. If it has, then the government has been successful. Self-censoring happens when you fear what you write might get you into trouble, so you donít. Itís a form of government control and happens in authoritarian and totalitarian countries. Itís not supposed to happen in America.

    Donít let it happen, get involved, speak out, call your representatives and tell them Snowden deserves to be allowed to come home to a grateful nation.


    Fair Haven
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