• “Open” for business in Manchester
    June 18,2013
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    We recently received a message from Manchester Zoning and Planning asking us to stop hanging our “open” flag from the front porch of the Fresh Market. Apparently flags (signs) of this type are not permitted in the retail zones of Manchester.

    I responded to their request by telling him that everywhere you go in town, businesses are using them. I was told that all the “offenders” have to take them down.

    That night I went to a Planning Commission meeting, waited the whole thing out to the bitter end, and asked the commission in “other business” to reconsider the regulations regarding “open” flags, as they are actually a convenience for the public and an important messaging device for the businesses that use them. There was some support there for a change. They informed me that if there is interest on the part of others to seek a change, the town can consider it.

    We are all busy, but if you would like to be able to continue using an “open” flag of some type in Manchester, please email me at sburzon@vermontel.net to tell me that you want a change in the regs. I’ll forward your messages to the town for further consideration by the appropriate parties.

    If I get enough interest from all of you, I’ll try to carry the ball for a bit to hopefully make a change that works for all of us.


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