• Faulty understanding of firearms
    June 17,2013
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    Will Lange laments in last week’s paper: “...poor Private Manning.”

    I say, poor Will Lange for not understanding the damage that was done by this twerp’s deeds. We will never know how many folks fighting the fight on the battlefield were harmed because of this work by Manning. Also, Will never ceases to comment about gun ownership. For Will, it is OK to own guns that he approves of. Those of us who own the types he does not approve of, well, we are some kind of monster from another planet. He talks about rapid-fire guns. What does he mean by that? Semiauto guns have been around since before he was born. To imply that an AR-15 is more of a” rapid fire” than a semiauto .22-caliber is typical of the misinformation that people like him spread. A military issue AR-15 is not a legal item, simply because of the fully auto capability. Civilian versions such as the one I own, do not have the fully auto capability and have a rate of fire no more or less than my dad’s 12-guage shotgun (semiauto) that he purchased back in the 1930s. If Will Lange wants to change the law, so be it; that has been tried, and failed. Law-abiding people, purchasing and using legally declared guns, should be able to exercise that right. I target shoot regularly, with all the guns I own, including the one mentioned above, and those that are more of a conventional appearing sort. If Will does not want to participate in such activity, that’s his choice, but either change the law, or leave the rest of us alone.

    Poor Will Lange.


    Center Rutland
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