• Scant coverage for scandals
    May 21,2013
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    In the past week the Obama administration has been engulfed in a flurry of scandals to include: IRS targeting of conservative groups; government cover-up of the Benghazi attack; and the Justice Departmentís wire tapping of Associated Press reporters. It was not a good period for President Obama, and the difficulties continue to hound him with criticism and questions coming from all political directions, including many that have been very supportive of the president in the past.

    The news reporting of these scandals has dominated all media to include print press, television and Internet. At the same time the talk shows and late night comedians have hammered President Obama.

    One exception to this comprehensive news coverage is the Rutland Herald. While just about every news organization in the country has been heavily reporting the news and opinion relating to these scandals, the Rutland Herald has presented few news stories and primarily focused on editorials and commentary.

    The focus of the opinion pieces presented on the Obama scandals by the Rutland Herald has been on attacking Republicans, obfuscating the facts and making excuses for Obama. If one were only to have read what was reported and opined on in the Rutland Herald, that person would have come away with very little idea of what had been going on in relations to these matters. A Rutland Herald reader would have been presented with a much different picture of the Obama scandals than that presented by the collective reporting and editorializing of this countryís media.

    It seems as if the Rutland Herald is more interested in protecting President Obama and attacking Republicans than in objectively presenting the all the news in these cases.

    This is a bad practice for a hometown newspaper and a disservice to the readers.


    Rutland Town
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