• Make education a top priority
    April 22,2013
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    Make education a top priority

    Proctor has two schools with 312 students and a $5.3 million budget. Mr. Hughes, School Board chair, said at town meeting that maybe we will have to close the school in the future. Until then, he is going to try and make PHS better. At what cost to taxpayers, and when does it get to a point when we just canít afford it anymore? Who really suffers the most? Why donít we focus on making the education of our elementary children a top priority?

    As we know, the student population continues to decrease and the budget seems to increase. How many thousands of dollars are we going to continue to spend at PHS until the inevitable happens? I hope athletics is not prioritizing over academics. It seems that a school choice option for our grades 7-12 is the best educational option.

    In the April 16 edition of the Rutland Herald, the School Board advertised a warning of an upcoming $98,000 vote for the paving of the PHS parking lot. Why didnít the School Board inform taxpayers of this project at the March town meeting? Arenít traditional town meetings the opportunity for the town to conduct its business and inform the voters? A paving project is not a surprise expenditure. This issue should have been on the town meeting agenda and not a special money issue weeks later. I am hearing stories that someone suggested not to fill the potholes at the PHS as they evolved. Reason being, the worse they get the more people will vote yes for new pavement. Why were those potholes never maintained? Remember the information meeting at 6 p.m on April 23 at PHS library.

    JOHN and


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