• Tax frustration is growing
    April 03,2013
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    Interestingly, my friend, Rep Jim Masland, D-Thetford, writes in Monday’s Herald an extended piece about the soda tax and all the reasons why it won’t work. I happen to agree with him, but why did he go to all the trouble when this proposal most likely would not get by the governor anyhow?

    This whole thing is nothing more than a smokescreen to attempt to bring attention away from all the taxes he supported and voted for:

    1) The 5 cent increase in the education tax which will show up in the next property tax bill in towns all across the state.

    2) The gas tax increase.

    3) The $27 million in new tax money, which includes increases in rooms and meals, clothing,income, and a host of

    other sources, including the so-called cloud tax.

    So if all of these items were important enough for Rep. Masland and his Democratic brethren to support and vote for, why not talk about same? Truth is, the voters are beginning to dig in their heels. Why is it a fact that Rutland Town School budget proposals have gone down twice? Answer: The voters read the papers and are frustrated that all this stuff is about to hit real soon, unless Gov. Shumlin gets out his veto pen, which he should do. Tax frustration, pure and simple.

    The majority party in the Legislature just doesn’t get it.


    Center Rutland
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