• What if Krugman isn’t right?
    March 30,2013
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    It would be nice if the Herald were to print some other opinion besides Paul Krugman’s about the deficit and debt. What if he is wrong? What if other ideas are right and we are headed toward an economic catastrophe? He has won a Nobel Prize in economics, but so have others and their opinions differ widely from his.

    I realize we are an advanced society and money may be viewed differently from how it was in the past, but some of the things he advocates boggle my mind. A trillion dollar coin made of platinum? If one is good, why not mint 50 or 1,000? Debt and deficits are no problem? Why not go 50 or 100 trillion in debt and deficit? Mr. Krugman seems not to care about how the money is spent as long as it creates jobs. Let’s just hire all the unemployed to dig a hole then fill it in. Why should we care what it costs?

    He has had debates with the likes of Ron Paul and Joe Scarborough, and his ideas have been made to look foolish. When he has someone to oppose his views, his arguments don’t seem to hold as much weight. Let’s have the Herald hold his feet to the fire and get someone else’s opinion.


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