• Board should look to itself
    March 29,2013
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    “Rutland Town kills school budget again.”

    In this article Lynette Gallipo, chairwoman of the Rutland Town School Board, states, “I just wish the people who voted against us would pick up the phone and tell us what’s wrong.” I suspect that Ms. Gallipo will get few calls as a part of what is wrong is the way parents are treated at School Board meetings by Gallipo. Her typical response to parents, if they are allowed to speak at all, ranges from being dismissive to outright contempt. Many parents simply do not trust the School Board.

    Ms. Gallipo also laments that only 10 parents showed up on Monday night. Perhaps she shouldn’t have scheduled the meeting on Passover.

    Additionally, the school asks for more money in a year where we have seen our children’s classroom time cut by an hour a week and many “weather event” days taken off when no weather event occurred. I was also surprised to visit both my children’s classroom this last month to see that they were both outfitted with wireless projection screens for each teacher’s laptop. Is this necessary?

    I did not vote against the budget either time, but I could not cast my vote for it either. Most of us are simply tired of paying more for less, and when the bill comes with the attitude presented by the Rutland Town School Board, our fatigue results in a defeated budget.


    Rutland Town
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