• Democracy in action
    March 27,2013
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    Our country is in an era lacking political cohesion and long-term vision, filled with indecision, dogma, and greed. The proposed representatives of the people mostly solve this by ceasing to represent the people, instead pushing agendas for corporate persons who are excited to finally be personified. People in all walks of life see a future of political gridlock, economic dissolution, and possibly hungry Zombie hordes. Itís a tense moment for sure.

    Before we get too wound up about it though, we should take a moment to visit the Rutland farmerís market. A little guacamole, a stroll down the aisles, and some chatting with the vendors might perk us up, especially knowing this: The market is a public display that the American people are fully capable of working together side by side even when their political views are as similar as polar bears and penguins. (Both these critters live in the cold by the way.) We are shopping from avowed libertarians and progressives and Tea Party members and Democrats and Republicans and folks who could care less, and there might be some atheists and anarchists and Christians, too, and they are working together year round, indoors and out. They are accomplishing things together, business is growing.

    Maybe what we are seeing is the American dream, people simply being capitalists and living democratically. Perhaps it isnít too much to dream that such patriotic values might get replicated more widely some day. Is it necessarily the case that such behavior is not scalable? Our culture is deeper than that, isnít it?


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