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    March 26,2013
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    Until now Vermont communities have had no voice in the discussion that takes place when a neighbor decides to sell out to an industrial wind developer, but thanks to proposed Senate Bill 30, we may. On projects larger than 2.2 megawatts Act 250 will temporarily guide the permitting process of industrial wind facilities. Noting that, I still see some pretty big box stores and great places to work (like GE and Omya) and in general some very large holes in the ground in spite of Act 250. S.30 also requires that effects of industrial wind on our grid and people are studied. Then appropriate legislation can be created to take over when Act 250 oversight sunsets.

    You should care about S.30 because regular people and politicians alike have and will continue to be educated to the ills of industrial wind and converted as the battle continues to spread from one small town to the next. When it does come to your little town, you will feel helpless. Vermonters need S.30.

    If you’re a senator or representative who is on the fence about the issue, don’t listen to the distortions coming from the sold-out servants of the wind industry in Vermont. The reasonable concerns of those who’ve studied the issue mean nothing to them. Then vote in favor of this commonsense extension to the reach of Act 250 and the other decent provisions that S.30 makes.


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