• Common sense should prevail
    March 20,2013
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    Common sense should prevail

    What to do about clean air and global warming? A question entangled in science, politics, economics and emotions, but in the end hopefully resolved using common sense.

    I am not hopeful that common sense will prevail when Senator Sanders, Bill McKibben and others emotionally run around preaching that the world will come to an end unless giant wind turbines and solar panels are immediately erected in Vermont.

    However, I became more hopeful when reading the Herald’s editorial entitled Environmental balance (Sunday, March 17), which addresses Vermont’s renewable energy situation. The Herald says: ‘Electricity generation accounts for just 5 percent of Vermont’s carbon emissions while transportation and heating account for 44 percent and 31 percent, respectively, ... Our money and efforts would be better spent on reducing ... our carbon emissions, if our goal is to be more than symbolic.’ In other words, building wind turbines and solar panels all over Vermont does little to solve clean air or global warming problems.

    At issue now is Senate Bill 30, which calls for more local control over siting large renewable energy projects. The big wind industry cries that S.30 will result in job cuts in Vermont and will send a terrible message to the nation if passed.

    Notice, that the big wind industry continually fails to mention that wind turbines and solar panels will not result in any meaningful improvement in air quality, will result in higher electricity prices, will cost taxpayers millions of dollars in subsidies, may cause health problems, harm wildlife and degrade our environment.

    The idea of constructing large wind turbines and massive solar panel in Vermont is bankrupt when it comes to helping with the underlying issue of clean air and global warming. Wind turbines and solar panels should be banned in Vermont and the focus shifted to areas where real reductions in carbon emissions can be achieved. Short of that, the Vermont legislature should pass S.30.


    Rutland Town
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