• The real threat is the economy
    March 19,2013
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    The United States has beefed up missile defenses on the West Coast in the face of a North Korean threat. This is beyond the scope of ridiculousness.

    Why does Washington and the media attempt to keep American citizens constantly on the edge of fear, worried about some unseen threat from a nuclear strike or a terrorist attack?

    President George Bush warned Americans that a strike on Iraq was necessary before a mushroom cloud appeared above the United States. For believing that, Americans were introduced to eight years of war, the loss of 4,500 American lives, the wounding of 32,000 more and billions of dollars wasted. Now Washington is warning Americans of Iran and North Korea. George Bush warned us of those countries, too.

    Let me be very clear. These two countries are not a threat to the United States. The United States is on the continent of North America. Does anyone think that the governments of these two countries would even think of firing one missile at the United States in the hope of hitting it? If they were even capable of getting one here, it would be destroyed long before it got here.

    The idea that Iran or North Korea would attack the United States with one missile is not scary, it’s laughable, and if Americans really think about it, they would realize this. As American citizens, we have many things to be afraid of. North Korea and Iran are not on that list.

    Want a real threat, want to feel real fear, take a serious look at the American economy. Free trade agreements have devastated the middle class. Those agreements were passed by Democrats and Republicans alike and the jobs they took are not coming back.

    Can the economy be rescued? The verdict is still out on that. But the unknown outcome should be causing Americans a lot more fear than any silly talk of a missile attack from North Korea or Iran. Washington hopes that, by scaring you with a fantasy missile attack, a “War of the World” so to speak, you won’t see what’s right in front of you.


    Fair Haven
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