• No answer for waste
    March 19,2013
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    I hold Mr. Januaryís letter published on March 16 as disingenuous. Vermont Yankee is a Fukushima-era GE boiling water reactor, the design of which led to the resignation of a number of Nuclear Regulatory Commission members back in the í70s. The vessels protecting the core are too small, i.e., not robust enough, and the possible result is as we have already seen and continue to see in Japan. Our world, our planet, cannot afford atomic power any longer.

    That Mr. January works for Entergy, the out-of-state corporation that has repeatedly sued the state of Vermont, speaks more loudly than his letter. The fact that the Rutland Herald does not expose the employment of its opinionated people perhaps is a good thing.

    Vermont so far has one of the best greenhouse gas emissions of any state in the country. Sure, this is because of the fact that VY provided one-third the stateís power only until March 21, 2012. For nearly one year now, Vermont has received practically zero energy and many tons of waste from this atomic reactor. Please remember no one knows yet what to do with the waste. Former Chairman of the NRC Gregory Jaczko stated this week, ď... But at a certain point, if we do not want to deal with the waste, and if nobody wants a repository, you just have to stop generating nuclear power. There is no other answer.Ē


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