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    March 18,2013
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    Visitor has

    advice for city

    Whenever I travel to a new city or town, one of my greatest pleasures is to read the local paper just as I did today. I was particularly struck by the article regarding the police officer, Thomas Fuller, who will not be criminally charged for an unnamed offense which occurred this past Dec. 1. The article went on to report that the police chief acknowledged that an “internal investigation” was ongoing and had not yet been completed.

    Really???!!! I’ve had some experience in police administration in departments which I suspect are considerably larger than Rutland’s and, frankly, nearly four months is an unusually long time to complete an investigation of a single incident involving a single officer. I am impressed that the department budget can afford paid leave for the past months and for an undetermined future number of months, all the while sustaining a shortage of manpower because this officer is sidelined.

    Admittedly I’m an outsider and this is none of my business, but I would urge the “city fathers” to get their police department’s act together.


    Charleston, S.C.
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