• Be open-minded on pot, hemp
    March 18,2013
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    Be open-minded

    on pot, hemp

    Pot and hemp farms in Vermont? I ask all my Vermont politicians not to sit on the fence and be politically correct. Look at yourselves in the mirror and speak the truth to our kids. As a father of three, kids are more honest than adults. I say, challenge the feds on growing pot and hemp on all open lands in Vermont. Pay the people to farm it. Send it to a state distribution center. Millions in taxes. Safer, less underground money. Release everyone from prison for marijuana-related issues. Alcohol, cigarettes and fast food have killed more people than pot.

    Iíve partied with the best of you, many now police officers, lawyers and teachers. I almost died at 15 from alcohol. Iíve walked the walk. I would recommend counseling to all who may be addicted to the above, and get help for their real issues in their lives. Over 100,000,000 worldwide use this drug. The feds got this one wrong. All God created is good, if used for the right reason. Move out of the box of military thinking and learn to think for ourselves.

    Donít be afraid to peacefully question and demonstrate against. I thank all law enforcement every day for their hard work. I ask them to respect the will of the people in Colorado and 17 other states. The Supreme Court must choose legal or not legal. Please think open-mindedly.


    Bellows Falls
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