• Voters frustrated with high spending
    March 16,2013
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    The headline in today’s Herald implying the state of Vermont needs $20 million in new money is certainly attention-getting to say the least. If there was not a need to address the $3 billion unfunded obligation the state is wedded to, it might be a different story (retirement/pension obligations). One way or another, Vermonters will be on the hook for everything that is approved in those hallowed halls under the Golden Dome.

    The impact of the above, should it pass, will only drive more people to change residency, shop outside Vermont, or a combination. Some states are magnets for attracting new business and younger folks to be a part of the labor force, etc. Vermont is doing just the opposite.

    Closer to home, Rutland Town will be re-voting the school budget on Tuesday, March 26, 2013. The voters said by way of their voting on March 5, that they are paying too much for education; the school budget was defeated.

    Surprisingly, within a day or so after the vote, another budget surfaced, for action on March 26. The combination of money required to be sent to the state education fund (because Rutland Town is a gold town) and the local budget is just too much.

    Without getting into the details here, anyone wishing to see this breakout only needs to review page 44 of the latest Rutland Town report, fiscal year ending June 30, 2012. The 5 cent proposal working it’s way through the Legislature certainly adds to the frustration voters expressed March 5.

    My prediction is the alternate budget proposal will go down as well.

    Howard Dean didn’t get much right, but one thing he was spot-on with was this: “If school spending is too high, vote the budget down.”


    Center Rutland
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