• Support for ability to end one’s life
    March 16,2013
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    There has been much discussion in Vermont about end-of-life choices and the rights, or lack of rights, regarding decisions to end one’s life, especially when there is no hope of recovery or quality of life.

    Facing our own mortality is difficult at best. When it comes to facing a future that will be filled with pain, knowing the end is near, I feel that a person should have the right and ability to choose whether or not they wish to continue down a road of agony and despair.

    It seems to me that a person of sound mind who is in such a situation should have the legal right to ask for and receive help from a physician in the form of medication taken by oneself and of one’s own free will to end their agony, with no legal recourse against physicians from others regarding that decision.

    I fully support legislation which would have safeguards for physicians for such actions to take place. If such legislation passed as a bill and was put into law, it would be a major step by Vermont and would be applauded by many.


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