• Hounding Yankee wastes money
    March 07,2013
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    Vermontís attorney general recently stated that the $700,000 bill he expects to rack up in order to continue the stateís crusade to shut down Vermont Yankee is ďmoney well spent.Ē

    Well, I can think of 700,000 better ways to spend hard-working Vermontersí tax dollars. Frankly, I donít think itís too much to expect that the money we are putting into our government is going be spent on things the state really needs, like improving our infrastructure.

    The stateís priorities seem a bit misguided if it places a greater emphasis on continuing legal battles than on investing in infrastructure, economic development, and job creation in Vermont.

    If our state leaders really want to stimulate job growth and improve our economy, they need to drop this pursuit once and for all, and focus on whatís most important: ensuring a financially sustainable future for Vermont.


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