• Why not give state everything?
    March 05,2013
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    I have followed all of the we-have-to-raise-taxes-on-this, taxes-on-that, come-up-with-new-laws-that-do-absolutely-nothing, etc. etc.

    Here is a good idea! Why donít all the paychecks from the working people of this fine state be submitted to the state so they wonít have to raise any more taxes. Then if there is any money left, it can be returned to the working people that submitted a paycheck.

    The only drawback to this new system that I can see is the state would make sure they spent it all, but that is OK, the working people could then step into all the tax-subsidized programs that could be offered using this revenue system, and again if the state falls short in paying for the programs offered, why just raise the taxes again.


    Clarendon Springs
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