• Make college education affordable
    March 04,2013
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    We believe that money going to higher education in order to make college more affordable is a great benefit for not only Vermont citizens but for the state as a whole. I, for one, am glad to see a voice as prominent as the governor’s speaking out about this plan.

    Although taxes may rise or may be allocated differently and possible debt can occur, funding underprivileged Vermont students would cause vastly more pros than cons. A graduate with a degree that stays in state after college will boost the state economy for years to come. Funds will bring America closer to being the equal opportunity country that we claim to be. Larger families, impoverished families, and other disadvantaged families will have a more level playing field. This will break the cycle of generational poverty. Some people who may never see college as a viable option will finally see that door open. Lastly, this will help our country compete globally, a place where we constantly strive to be number one, but consistently fall short.

    Higher education in Vermont is the way for Vermont to prosper. We need to follow the layout that Shumlin has started and continue to grow as a state. Education will only help us in time of crisis — it’s time to show ignorance who is boss.


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