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    February 26,2013
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    Over the last 40 years I have taught many of you, your children, and possibly your parents. Here in Rutland City, we live a relatively modest existence. We have a beautiful environment and way of life that most people would envy. We appreciate the simple things in life for we are Vermonters.

    One of the things that I believe that Rutland City should be most proud of is the public education system. Over the 40 years that I have been here, I have seen thousands of our students make their way in life. They have gone out into the world and been extremely successful (whether that world is Rutland or beyond our borders). I believe that there are two major reasons for this success. The first is strong community values instilled in our young people. The second is a solid knowledge and skill base imparted from our quality education system. Our schools have served this community well. (We actually spend less per pupil then most other schools in Vermont and yet we continually produce well-educated young people that can go on to fulfill their dreams.)

    I have spoken with hundreds of graduates (continuing on in their education) who have basically the same story. They tell me that their skills and knowledge base are far greater than most of their peers from all over the country.

    We are now faced with decisions regarding this coming year’s school budget. We have all faced hard economic times these past few years — and the schools are no exception. We are all getting through these times with hard sacrifices — including the school system. The time has come to support Rutland’s schools to keep our advantage of a strong public educational system.

    We have been well served by our schools, and I believe our school commissioners have presented us with a realistic budget that will continue to support our education system while still being reasonable. We need to do it both for our kids and our future. While no longer a public school teacher, I remain proud of the work that they do each and every day. The schools deserve our support.


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