• Bruni shows his ignorance
    February 25,2013
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    Bruni shows his ignorance

    I absolutely feel compelled to respond to Frank Bruniís column from The New York Times: ďThe Popeís Muffled Voice.Ē

    I unequivocally oppose his idea that the media has all pope all the time. It seems that the only time the news media broadcasts anything about the Catholic Church is in a crisis.

    The March of Life held in Washington, D.C., that draws numerous crowds of both youth and adults (I know, I have attended one) is never televised on any major news station, except EWTN and Fox News.

    As far as Catholics not feelings any debt or duty to the caretakers of the church, that is simply not true. The real Catholics do feel an obligation. It would be much more beneficial to the church to have fewer members who believe, than crowds that follow their own rules. Therefore, I suggest the Nancy Pelosis, Joe Bidens and Andrew Cuomos of the world choose another denomination, since they donít follow the Catholic Church.

    Yes, the pope is a celebrity because he represents Christ to Catholics. His last blessing before leaving drew a crowd of 150,000 or more. Why wasnít that televised?

    The Catholic Church has enormous financial resources because Catholics have always been generous to organizations that help the poor and downtrodden.

    I believe it was President Bush who said that during Katrina, Catholic Relief Services were the first ones there. But what does Bush know? He has been crucified by the current administration and the media. The real celebrity in the eyes of our media is our current president and his wife, Michelle, who helps him run our country.

    Because of our human nature, there is corruption in any organization. Just take a look at our government to see how fraudulent it has become.

    In the history of the Catholic Church, there has been much wrongdoing. However, we are assured by Christís promise that He will be with us in all times.

    For those who believe, the Holy Spirit guides the conclave; and that doesnít mean there isnít politics involved in the church; there definitely is. However, with prayer and guidance, we know that Christ will guide us in the right path as He has done throughout the history of the church, beginning with the Apostles.

    The real problem does not lie within the church. The root lies within the media, as well as the materialism that exists in todayís world. We have corrupted the values of our youth and weakened the morals of all of us in the name of charity and love.

    As far as I am concerned, Frank Bruni has shown his ignorance and lack of knowledge.


    Rutland Town
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