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    February 25,2013
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    I certainly understand why my former longtime friend and a great Recreation Commission member, Carol Denardo, sister of our fire chief, would endorse another fire service family member. I have no problem with that at all, but in the interest of some historical accuracy, some correction is necessary.

    It was never the mayor, but rather Alderman Neville “Bucko” Barrett that had the motto “A new broom sweeps clean” and he brought that broom with him to many Aldermanic meetings until one night, having had enough of that, Alderman Art Crowley told him in a rather heated exchange that if he brought that broom one more time he (Crowley) would put it where the sun didn’t shine.

    At that point, Alderman John Cassarino told Barrett that while a new broom may sweep clean, an old one knows where the dirt is. Barrett never brought the broom to another meeting and Cassarino went on to serve multiple terms as Mayor. And that is the “rest” of the story.

    Donald J. Chioffi

    Rutland Town
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